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Topic: Super Smash Land [Demo 2] Released!

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It is with great excitement that I bring you demo 2 of Super Smash Land! Here is a trailer created by Jake Nichols:

This Demo comes with lots of updates to the first demo including:

2 New Characters – Pikachu and Link
2 New Stages – Saffron City and an Unlockable Stage
Arcade Mode with High Scores
Custom Controls
Team Matches

Download Link:

PSN: Epic-ZX



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I smell copyright infringement

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lz20XX wrote:

I smell copyright infringement

You can say that with most Sonic Fan Made games but I do encourage this simply because they have potential to make something unique in the future...whether it's taken down or not...they have shown they can move onto better programming techqniues.

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Oh I remember reading about this on well, Nintendolife awhile back.

If only this was an actual Game boy game haha

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Demakes are a nice idea, but they're not all that fun to play usually.

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Well the full game is out now and I have beat it last month, rather hard but fun to get all unlockables.

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