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On (German website about gaming) there is an election going on about the best game ever.
The final started today and it is Shenmue vs. Super Mario 64.
The Shenmue-fans on the site managed it to raise a great amount of other Shenmue-fans worldwide, so currently Shenmue is in front with nearly 500 votes while SM64 is starving with roundabout 220 votes.
I would like to settle the score.
So, i invite all Nintendofans to take a few seconds and give their vote for SM64.
Thank you very much.
PS: I'm new to this forum, so i apoligize for maybe using the wrong section.
Also, i'm not a native english speaker, so sorry for spelling errors, etc.

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Begging isn't allowed in the forums.

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I think I'll skip the support for the site that somehow got those two games into the finals for the 'Best game of all time'.

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