Topic: sony's wand officially named "Sony Move", is the most innovative controller EVER

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Epic fail again!!! Sony is just lame. All they can do is copy from another company.
Sorry but every Sony product is just a waste of money.
My bro owned a Sony TV with black trinity technology. It turned black and white,
but channel number stayed green. He sent it in for repair. It was working fine for a month,
then the same problem happened again.

Don't buy Sony products, they suck.
I will never ever buy a Sony product. This ain't no fanboy talk, it is based on bad experience.

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Odnetnin wrote:

pix, is Qwest your internet provider?

No, why?

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This dild....I mean "Sony Move" is such a blatant Wii rip-off that it litterally makes me cringe. I mean come on, if you're gonna copy the company who is clearly better than you in every regard at LEAST try and hide it! The first image in that article litterally looks like Sony photoshopped out the Wiimote and Nunchuck and put in the Move and sub controller. I'm actually glad they're doing this though because it shows how seriously desperate Sony has gotten and that they are very much at the end of their rope. I predict that this rip-off will fail miserably and drag the already suckish PS3 down even further. I hate both Sony and Microsoft but I can at the very least say that Microsoft if doing something different! Natal will also fail but atleast Microsoft won't come off looking like total copy cats.

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Play nice folks. The tech looks very impressive -- although I'll agree they could have taken measures to ensure there isn't this huge "Wii too" backlash.

EDIT: Let's also not forget that Sony's EyeToy, SingStar and Buzz! franchises spurned this "casual gaming" movement in the first-place.

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Sony hardcore exclusionists, get ready for party games influx ;-P

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What?! What kind of excuse is this i mean Sony has been Ripping Nintendo off for Years i mean since 1993 all they did was Copy NINTENDO, everything i mean Everything from Controller, to Market Logo, Analog Stick, Handheld System, heck even the Name PlayStation was stolen from Nintendo how do i know this? well:

Everyone who thinks this is an "Original Idea" should have their brain check i mean at least SEGA and Microsoft yes they where / still competitors to, but at least they actually invented instead of copying: SEGA invent Grip things on the Controller (example look at your Gamecube Controller you just put your hands and you will see what i mean) and Online Feature for Console, Microsoft made Xbox live Marketplace aka multi-use of an online server and Natal (Yes i know the Eyetoy exist and even that's copy aka Game Boy Camera) but the deference here is that Natal is a "Motion Sensing Camera" specially design for the Human / Object Control. I'm surprised Sony can even get away with this seriously. Nintendo should file a lawsuit to not just Move but to everything that Sony Computer Entertainment has copied. Iff Apple can sued Motorola, Nintendo can and will win a lawsuit if they filed it against Sony. 500 billion dollars sounds fair enough for damages.

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I like an old-fashioned controller, with some buttons, a D-pad, and a couple of control sticks. No innovation, please.