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...but not for Nintendo owners. Sega has confirmed Sonic CD is being released on PSN, XBLA, iOS and other various mobile platforms. It won't see a WW release, likely due to Nintendo's size restrictions and the game's sweet, sweet CD soundtrack. No 3DS release has been confirmed either. It seems crazy that they could get MDK2, a Dreamcast game, onto WW, but not a Sega CD game. If I only had a Wii, I would pick this up instantly, if the port played well (not a guarantee from Sega these days), even if they had to seriously compress the audio.

It's being released with the Japanese soundtrack for the purists (I actually would have preferred the American version for the nostalgia). I'm going to definitely pick this up on PSN, I think (or if I'm slow and Nintendo starts doing online sales, maybe on WiiU). I have all the original Genesis carts, but my Sega CD broke, and I could never justify getting an entire system for one game, so I'm psyched, though I'm sad it won't be on the VC.


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