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I didn't want to say this but Nintendo lost E3 in my opinion I mean no smash 4 pretty much meant they lost

Everyone was thinking smash 4 and nothing happened I mean there is still time but it's very unlikely



Yeah, the spolight definitely needed MORE ports.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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There is more content coming later today and maybe tomorrow

They need to reveal Smash DX

And yet they're talking about the New 2DS XL



Personally, I think they've done the right thing, even if Smash Bros for Switch is a thing.

(I mean, yeah, it's coming, but they need to give Sakurai a break too. We're less than one year into the switch. There's plenty of time.)

Announcing "Oh yeah, we're doing a Smash Bros 4 remake/5." right as they hype up all the other competitive games coming to Switch soon would've killed the buzz around some of them. Arms and Pokken, mainly. If they'd announced Smash 5, they'd run the risk of completely dooming those two games, as more casual gamers say "eh. I'll wait for smash."

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Next year. Next year.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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The only games I really play even are
Splatoon, Smash, Mario Kart, and Pokken



I think the Smash 4 port, if there will be one, will need to have a whole bunch of added content to suffice as being a deluxe version.



With Pokken DX announced, ARMS a matter of days away, and games such as Street Fighter already out, the Switch really isn't in desperate need of brawlers. And with Splatoon around the corner, along with the afore mentioned games, not to mention MK8DX, there is an abundance of multiplayer/party-esque games to keep us kicking over!
Smash can, and probably will wait until Nintendo retires the DS family now.

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The main reason people bought the Wii U was to play Splatoon and Smash they can easily make sales off of Smash and the Switch just by creating a port




The main reason people purchased the Wii U was so much more!! Couch co-op - Super Mario 3D World, MK8, Smash, Nintendo Land, Game and Wario etc. HD Zelda, not 1 but 2, hey throw in Warriors and you've got 3. Charming, wonderful experiences like Pikmin 3, Captain Toad and Yoshi's Wooly World. The hope of HD iterations of some beloved franchises - F-Zero, Metroid and Star Fox.... these are the reasons people bought the Wii U.
Your comment stinks of naivety. Smash and Splatoon were the 4th and 6th best selling titles on the Wii U respectively.
I'm not saying Smash DX won't happen, it definitely will. It just doesn't need to happen anytime in the immediate future.

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I certainly didn't wan't Smash 4 announced and from the comments I've read neither did many others.We've got a plethora of fighting games already on Switch with more on the way.It was daft to think they'd announce it when they're pushing ARMS and Pokken.I have no doubt it will come but probably not for another year .

Also those 2 games were not the reasons I bought Wii U.Like Godlike mentioned above,I bought it because it was a Nintendo console that would play host to the sorts of games I love to play.3D Mario,Mario Kart and Zelda being the main ones for me but also the likes of Yoshi and Donkey Kong.So yeah,as already mentioned above,your comments are very naive.

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They have ARMS AND Pokken Tournament DX coming this year. Two fighting games that would no doubt be overshadowed by Smash Bros. 4 DX if it was revealed at this year's E3. Plus, Nintendo doesn't need a juggernaut release like a Smash 4 port would be for the holidays. They already got Odyssey, Skyrim, Xenoblade 2 hopefully to fill out the holiday schedule. Give Pokken und ARMS their time in the lime light and then look what they announce for spring next year.

Honestly, I'd be surprised if they overlooked the sales potential of a Smash 4 port UNLESS they already have Smash 5 in the working. Even then, though, would I port Smash 4 for spring/summer 2018 and then Smash 5 for Holidays 2018/2019.

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You don't announce something for your most popular fighting game three days before you're launching your risky new IP fighting game. Because that would be stupid.

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I think a Smash 4 port will probably be announced in a fall/winter Direct at this point. By not announcing at E3, Nintendo has clearly taken the "let's not kill ARMS' potential already" approach.


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SURELY announcing Smash Bros port at E3 last week would have NOT helped are beloved new IP Arms and are port Pokken DX.

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Lol. Nintendo spent their E3 conference talking about NEW games for the Switch (aside from a brief mention of Pokken), including announcing the heavily demanded Metroid Prime 4 and people are sitting here thinking that Nintendo maybe lost E3 because of not announcing a port. I can't.

What happened to people wanting new games? Super Smash Bros. 4 is old news, and at the end of the day, although it was technically great it didn't feel like a very inspired title to me. I want to see a new Super Smash Bros., and I want to see some spark in it, like we've seen with Breath of the Wild and Odyssey. They're all completely different kinds of games, but I'm sure they could do something.



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