Topic: Skyward Sword G4 Game of the Year?

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I'm new here and I tried my best to find the best place to put this topic. Sorry if this is the wrong place or if someone already put this up. Gosh, I worry too much.

Anyway, if you like Skyward Sword, then please support it! It's currently losing 49% to 51% against Batman: Arkham City on G4's Game of the Year 2011 at time of writing (no kidding). One big burst of votes for SS and it might get past the round. Informing a Nintendo forum about it may be a good idea! I believe this is relevant because it's the ONLY Nintendo game out of the 32 chosen games.

Here's a link to the Top 8:

Just simply register or log in, make your vote, and you can comment here on why Skyward Sword is superior or why it's not.

Now that that's out of the way, here's my personal input. Most of the votes against SS must be people that just vote for the other game just because they saw a Wii game. It was just a thought, but then I seriously began to believe it was true when it beat FIFA 12 by only 79% to 21%. -_- I'm not even sure how a random sports game even got on the top 32 games of the year in place of all the other great choices.



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