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Shigeru Miyamoto was awarded two days ago with the Spanish Award "Príncipe de Asturias" of the Communication. He remarked in an interview with the Spanish channel RTVE that he doesn't consider himself as a superhero, he says that he is a "normal person". The also says that Super Mario's sucess reside in the fact that he always looks for "normal situations to play all the family".

Here is the interview for everyone who know Spanish:

EDIT: I've transliterated and translated the interview into English. Sorry about the grammar mistakes: I'm not a native English-speaker and I'd done this very fastly.

Interviewer (I): Shigeru Miyamoto is with us. Congratulations.

Shigeru Muyamoto (SM): Konnichi wa! Arigatou!

I: (Ridicule trying to speak Japanese)

I: I don't know if you understand me. (Repeat the ridiculous ¬¬)

SM: Yes, I'm very, very happy.

I: Yesterday, you gave us one of the most happy images that we seen here. During the "Príncipe de Asturias" awards, you started to dance to the Asturian bagpipes. That actitude, that mood is also the key of the success of your creations, of your videogames?

SM: Yes, they were playing music and... all people were looking at me. I don't usually dance, but I wanted to thank people [for the award].

I: Milions of kids, adults all days have in their hands one of your consoles. The judges give you the award of the Communication because they though that you changed the concept of individual-gaming and now we can play in team, all the family, kids, parents and even grandfathers. Do you think this is the success of your creations? This take part of the success.

SM: This award it's not for the most enthusiastic players. It's a recognition of a game that lots of people love. We work thoughting: "What can Nintendo do and what can't do the competence? How can we make that all members of the family play?" I'm very grateful.

I: If going to talk you about one of your characters 275 million of games sold. It's the most sold saga of the history. I'm talking about Super Mario Bros. It has 30 years. What is the secret that makes this plumber with mustache so attractive generation after generation.

SM: I'd made a lot of things and I think that there is more than my drawing. It's the game who have the success. It's a very funny game. All people think that its their cousin and start to like the character. I'm so grateful of showing a game like that to all the world.

I: And... Does this character have something of you?

SM: Er... I can't be a superhero, I'm a very normal person. I like mario because it's very normal. The first Mario was a carpenter, the second is a plumber.

I: Let's do one think. I'd like you draw a picture of Mario for all the viewers of RTVE with this card and this felt-tip pen. For all peoples who are viewing us at the moment in RTVE.

I: He's going to draw Super Mario Bros. It's author, Shigeru Miyamoto.

I: In which thing do you inspire when you are creating?

SM: Well, I usually thing with the controller in my hand. I like to thought in that things that I'm interested in. In my everyday life. How to express that? The videogame is an interface. With the controller in my hand I think about how to make my idea. I love to create freely adn to have fun with my creations.

I: Are you going to tell us which is going to be your next creation?

SM: (Laughs) I can't talk about new characters. The next year I'm going to renew one game that I started to create 10 years ago. It's called Pikmin. It's a very strange character. It's like a vegetable.

I: Here we have that Super Mario Bros. drawing for all RTVE's viewers. Arigatou. Thank you and congratulations!

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He's a normal person by day, but a Tretton fighter by night. :3

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"Normal situations"?
Demonic turtles kidnapping princesses and an Italian plumber saving the day with the help of a dinosaur, his brother, and leaves and flowers and shells and boomerangs and mushrooms of ultimate power?
Seems legit.

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Also this:

[16:08] LordJumpMad Hides his gut with a griddle
[16:08] Reala: what ljm does for cash is ljm's business
[16:08] LordJumpMad: Gotta look good my my next game u_u


If you watch minute 3:18 of the video, you will see Miyamoto drawing Mario Bros. live!

(By the way, the simultaneous translation Japanese-Spanish is very mediocre)

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I've transliterated the interview and translated it to English. Added to the first post.

We want Kirby Dream Collection in Europe!


Miyamoto not a super hero? What lies will you try and tell me next?

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This is just propaganda, Miyamoto wants his real identity to remain hidden. He is actually Bowser.



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