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Listen up, We can all agree the original game was terrible
but this game will be different - we MUST give it a chance
Plus if we must show that we want more fighters on the Wii U by making it fulfill it's $1,080,000 stretch goal [before you decline, remember you fellas blew your chance by failing to make River City Ransom Underground reach IT'S Wii U stretch goal - TWICE - once on it's Kickstarter and the other on it's PayPal phase]

It's being developed by Big Deez Productions, The team has a great resume as the staff worked on games like Halo, Alan Wake, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and many others - so with talent like them, We SHOULD have hope and massive confidence that with Big Deez at the helm we will get a game that blows the original out of the water

Let's give this the Mighty No. 9 treatment and make sure ALL of it's goals are met even the Wii U stretch goal, again it has great talented people involved - if you don't believe me .. look them up

While Shaq Fu was the worst game of all time, We should not pass on a opportunity like this as it's likely to the best remake ever (being it will be way superior to it's original given if we care enough to make it succeed beyond it's funding goal - like we ALL did for Mighty No. 9 [screw the feminist controversy for a second and have some heart])

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Wii U stretch goal at $1,080,000!!!1!!1one!
Omg you can donate a $1000 and your reward is that he follows you on Twitter.


Sure why not. I'd love to see if they can top the original.

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I wanna have dinner with Shaq

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The graphics look like they're ripped straight from Street Fighter IV.

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mamp wrote:

I wanna have dinner with Shaq

Me too - who wouldn't eat green eggs and ham it? Without it, it's pointless. But 25 grand is outrageous - it was a ripoff with 10 grand with Inafune, but this guy?

Also, 6,5 grand to WORK for them... I have no words

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Shaq scares me.. >_<

Let's play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate!!! o/

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The game will come to consoles, including Wii U, with its initial goal of $450,000 now. Hopefully this game can get funded.



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