Topic: Rumor: Nintendo’s Next Generation Consoles Will Support Cross Platform Play

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"The rumored technical statistics for Nintendo's next generation of consoles, have leaked online. Both portable and home consoles have leaked stats, and the codenames appear to point to one major innovation: Nintendo cross-platform play. "

"Both of the names include the word "fusion" which hints at the ability of the consoles to "fuse" together, and share games."

"The Fusion DS’s raw power is definitely beyond the 3DS. If this rumor is true, we’ll see a new design for Nintendo next portable, featuring 2 circle pads and two high-res touchscreens. The Fusion DS also has much better connectivity, so we could be seeing things like “Miiverse Streetpass”, where an app syncs to our Fusion DS from our phone. Data card size is increased, which would be needed if the games are in higher definition. According to these “leaked” facts, the Fusion DS is backwards-compatible"

"The Fusion Terminal also, like the Fusion DS, boasts more power than the Wii U. It looks like both GamePads, Fusion DS’s, and Wii Motion Plus controllers are workable controls. Apparently, the Fusion Terminal will offer and inductive charging service for controllers and Fusion DS’s .The rumor says that Nintendo will release two versions: one with 60 GB of memory, one with 30 GB of memory. However, the 60 GB version can play discs, while the 30 GB version cannot. This means that only the 60 GB version is backwards-compatible with Wii U game discs. The 30 GB edition will be locked to downloadable games and content only."



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