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Does it matter either way?
Judging by the demo, buying the game on any other system would be a better investment for those who haven't played it yet.

I can't say if that's correct or not.
I don't have any interest in getting the game so I don't pay attention to release dates and such.

Edit: Just checked the Rayman Origins 3DS page here, and it says "8th Jun 2012 (UK/EU)" so that appears to be correct.

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Even though it's just been listed for a November release....

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I thought that was in the US.

If I'm wrong and it is a worldwide thing, most sites probably haven't updated their stuff and so it would have gone on sale even though it cannot be sold.

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Im curious to see if the full game is as bad as the demo.

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It is. According to Nintendo Power, who rated the NA version, and people in europe, it's the exact same as the demo.

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