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$200? Hhmm, so it should cost about £200 in the UK then.

All Natal will do is stop 360 owners who don't own a Wii from buying one. They'll be able to flap and flail in HD, and tell themselves it's the future. Wooh!

Thanks for posting that video warioswoods, that was good!



It seems $200 isn't likely to be the real cost:

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WildPidgeyAppears wrote:

Is this the official "bash Microsoft" topic? No they aren't perfect, but who is? I'd love to see the people hating on them here create an entire industry - such that if it weren't for them, those precious iWhatevers wouldn't exist.

...there's veeeeeery little Microsoft bashing going on here, so either you're misreading or hypersensitive. Honestly, I think the responses here have been very mature and well-expressed, so to ask if this is the official bash Microsoft topic...that's a little disrespectful I think.

Oh, and Microsoft being the reason Apple is able to exist? How about Microsoft swiping Apple's GUI wholesale in order to create Windows in the first place? We can go back and forth all day about who lets the other exist...but in that case you ARE just asking it to turn into a bash topic. So...let's continue to take the high road here.

EDIT: It's also worth pointing out that since Apple doesn't manufacture a competing game console, the entire Microsoft vs Apple debate is totally irrelevent to a Natal discussion. Or maybe I'm just old fashioned.

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Am I right in thinking they removed some fancy technology so as to get the price down, and now the recognition doesn't work as well as it could?

I may have dreamt that, so don't shoot me.




Machu wrote:

Am I right in thinking they removed some fancy technology so as to get the price down, and now the recognition doesn't work as well as it could?

Probably not; it is much more likely that they'll sell it at a considerable loss -- as they always do -- and thereby subsidize its way into homes, since the games division of Microsoft has never had any trouble running deep into the red, thanks to being part of the larger goliath. This isn't to say that Sony is any different . . . in fact, Nintendo is the only one of the three that runs itself exclusively as a gaming company, and that actually has to make a profit on each unit sold, with all the hard choices and design decisions that entails. That's one reason why I'd love to see SEGA come back and replace either MS or Sony; it'd be great to have real, even competition again between gaming companies, rather than a contest to see who can sink more external subsidies in so that a larger agenda can be met (Sony heavily subsidizing the PS3 in order to help win the Blu-Ray format war, MS heavily subsidizing the Xbox as it ran into the red for years in order to further the cross-platform connection and association between PCs and gaming, etc).

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The way I see it, Micro$oft is trying to reach out to not just the gamer, but the family(like nintendo). Hoping that their avatars and motion controls will attract people of all ages(like nintendo). If Xbox 360 is being driven by one thing, it`s shooters. And I`m curious to see how they are gonna pull off motion controls with shooting games. (If people thought holding a remote and moving it around was weird, wait till they see some kid holding an imaginary gun and moving about.)

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Token+Girl wrote:

If Natal offers some really cool games and they actually work well, $200 is not that big of a purchase.

the point is that microsoft is trying to attract the same people that bought a wii as their first video game system. i'm beginning to hate this term, but 'casual gamers' aren't likely to have an xbox already, so for them it's $460. the hardcore gamers who do have an xbox and could get natal for $200 have been scoffing at motion control all along and aren't likely to rush out and get it on day one.

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360 not being aimed at casuals is what has the most effect on this. I understand wanting to broaden your audience, but 360 doesn't lend itself to stuff like Wii Sports Resort. I would still take this over the lame 3D glasses trend with newer games...

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I sure hope not

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romulux wrote:

sony move deserves to crash and burn for being the heartless rip off that it is, but i hope microsoft sees at least some success from this; they tried. it's just the thing seems to get more and more impractical the more we know about it.

couldn't agree more.

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If it would cost $200 (which I seriously doubt, since that's as much as the console itself) it would probably be bundled with a game. They'd need something to attract people to it.

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"a source backed by Edge has alleged a $150 price point for the forthcoming Xbox 360 motion tech camera or $300 when bundled with the Xbox 360 Arcade console. Additionally, the source has suggested an October 26 worldwide release give or take "a few weeks."

the $300 bundle (assuming it includes a game) makes it look much more attractive, but the standalone unit is still way too much.

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Chicken+Brutus wrote:

WildPidgeyAppears wrote:

@kevohki: do I sense some Apple fanboyism? I find Apple products EXTREMELY overrated and more of a status icon than anything, and I hate the Mac interface.

Whether he's a fanboy or not, the point he's making is sound: Apple has built up the kind of reputation that has hordes of people lined up to pay top dollar for something that's bound to be improved upon and marked down within a year. Personally I love Apple products...but even if one didn't, that much is obvious. People pay top dollar for Apple products and are proud to do so, because, by and large, they've proven to have staying power.

He's mentioning that for the sake of pointing out that Microsoft's track record doesn't really allow for that kind of blind optimism. Or, at least, it doesn't put them in a position where they can just sit back and hope people shell out an absurd fee for something that may well be a hunk of junk for all we know right now.

Accusing him of fanboyism is missing the point. Apple's managed to build a strong consumer base due to the fact that their products (again, on the whole) are of a certain level of high quality. Microsoft has managed to build a consumer base despite the fact that their first attempts at hardware are often terrible. The former allows for a high price tag, launch day risk. The second really should not.

Well....I would hardly call Apple the perfect company now! While MS are truly awful (and yes...ive got a 360), Apple produce good quality items, but at very expensive price points. But the main point is that, whatever you buy from apple, there is a feeling they want to make it obsolete within months, annual iphones, ipods, imacs. Instead of providing an ouncce of thanks for investing in the companys product, you just get informed of an upgrade within months!
I am not a fan of the Mac interface, I find it very restrictive compared to a pure OS (a'la my username).
But...on topic.... I fear that natal is just a expensive eyetoy, something to make kids ditch the wii for this camera thing. I think its better that the playstation move in concept (That is a blatant rip off!), but I doubt it has much serious potential.

mnementh wrote:

romulux wrote:

sony move deserves to crash and burn for being the heartless rip off that it is, but i hope microsoft sees at least some success from this; they tried. it's just the thing seems to get more and more impractical the more we know about it.

couldn't agree more.

Yeah, I agree!

SwerdMurd much as I wanted to see it, I doubt any of my 360-owning friends are gonna fork over 2 bills....I hope the 9 people that buy it like it.

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If they are trying to use NATAL to attract "new audiences", they are not doing the best job. I mean, what kind of casual player is going to fork over 400 bucks to play some small mini games every now and then? Especially when the Wii is more popular in that respect among most people (even non-console owners) and much more accessible. That being said, if targeted to existing xbox players, owners are probably not going to take this seriously enough to pay 200 dollars on. I dont see it doing amazingly in stores, but then again, Microsoft has enough money already, so there really isnt anything major to lose.



Well, it's kind of silly to comment when we'll know four days from now, but if it is indeed $200, I think I'd rather get a second Wii. I realize this is supposed to be some sort of Super Tech, but it's still a peripheral, and pricing it near the same as a full-fledged console (which now comes with M+, supposedly 1:1-ish tech itself, though not full body), is expecting too much.

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vonseux wrote:

i still dont agree with you. if i would buy more wiimotes... i wouldnt buy them with nunchucks. Also, no one needs 4 controllers.For a party, if one have Friends, they will come over with their wiimotes loaded with their Mii's.
This can't be an argument on the Price, because is totally opitional

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I think your family of four is likely an exceptional case though, Magi. There are very few games that use four M+'s. Maybe one or two sports in Resort? I don't remember, never had four M+'s myself.

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