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Magi wrote:

Why not just use a real (fake) gun?

i'm sure the tracking could be better if microsoft released some sort of gun peripheral that was colored specifically to stand out for the camera, but then it wouldn't really be "controller free gaming", would it? even if it helped, there's no way it could match the accuracy of the wiimote or move which use sensors in a... uh... controller... to get the job done (handheld devices allowing for more accurate gameplay? how futuristic!). i don't think any measure would make that aiming scheme functional, just look at how unresponsive the cursor is. it's an inherently bad system.

a small example of microsoft trying out of obligation to match their competitors and failing, which sums up my entire reason for being skeptical of kinect. nintendo started from "what's the best method to control these games?" and ended up with motion from there, and sony followed suit. microsoft started from motion, to cash in on the casual appeal, and designed a system to look impressive and innovative first, rather than one that works well. it's totally backwards, and it's painful seeing them try to force it to work when it was not designed to with that priority in mind from the start.

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Even though I've become slighlty sceptical of Kinect due to the lack of games announced I reckon I'm still gonna pick one up just on the basis of being able to control the dashboard like Minority Report and I'm sure the wife and kids will have fun with the animals game and the dancing/fitness stuff. I still really need some actual reveiews of the final product before jumping in.If all this stuff about needing a tidy room,lots of space and the right lighting conditions is true then my house is definetly out!

What's this bit for again?


apparently microsoft has put an embargo on reviews until release and is not sending demo units out to anybody-

it seems to me their whole strategy is to convince people that it's some earth shatteringly awesome and important thing (circ de soleil riding animatronic elephants), and they don't want any talk of the numerous faults it has to bring it down to the real world, where you have to move that pile of laundry to keep the camera from recognizing it as a player.

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romulux wrote:

apparently microsoft has put an embargo on reviews until release and is not sending demo units out to anybody

So it's essentially the video game equivalent of a Pauly Shore movie.




You only withhold review copies if you know your stuff is bad enough for reviews to seriously decrease your sales.

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Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


@Luigi78 I like the Minority Report joke in this Cracked article about Xbox Kinect.

romulux wrote:

Token+Girl wrote:

Getting 4 controllers would be more expensive than controllerless Natal.

you don't need to buy 4 since the wii comes with one. the $50 wiimote/motion plus bundles and 3 nunchucks would be about $195 ($395 with system), so even in the worst case scenario a wii is cheaper.

You forgot the Wii Balance Board, add another $99. Also the new slim Xbox 360 is only $200 (the same price as the Wii). Xbox 360 with Kinect will be $350.

romulux wrote:

having the flexibility to buy only what you need still counts for something; with natal you pay the full price whether it's you alone or all 4 people.

The Xbox is more flexible than ever, you're not stuck with motion controls if you don't want them. And if you do want to experience Kinect you can upgrade for the same price as a Balance Board and one extra Wiimote. On the other hand I'm sure gamers would pay to upgrade the Wii's graphics if they could. my pants.


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