Topic: Pokemon Snap 2 on the way!?!

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I love it how people see a character being a photographer, means of creating a new game. Though I wouldn't complain if Sanp 2 came out.


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Something tells me Pokemon Snap is not the sort of game to get a sequel, which is a shame. I played Snap when it first came out and have since downloaded it on VC, I think it's a really fun game and it would be interesting to see what they made of it if they were to make a sequel. Although taking pictures of four hundred odd pokemon could get old pretty quickly - I mean come on, they didn't even do all 150 in Snap 1!

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i could see it on the 3DS using AR technology (augmented reality)

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If they do, I'd be nice if they went back to retro graphics. Unlikely, but it would be nice...

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