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bboy2970 just revealed a new character in the Pokemon:Best Wishes movie. His name is Shooti and according to Serebii, plans to challenge the Isshu league. One interesting bit though is that he is also and avid Pokemon Photographer and enjoys taking pictures of Pkemon he has never seen before. Could this mean the Game Freak is setting up a plot for a Pokemon Snap sequel to be released sometime in the next couple years? Am I just reading way to deep into otherwise insignificant information? I personally would absolutely love to see a Pokemon Snap sequel released as I thought the first game was excellent yet had alot of unexplored potential. Thoughts?

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Probably not.

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Hopefully I really want one and I really want to take a picture of ALL the Pokémon because I know I can do that its different to Photograph 500+ rather than Catch and evolve 500+. and I thought snap was too short

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Possible, yes. Probable, no.



With a name as creative as "Shooti" I'd be surprised not to see a sequel. It really seems to me that with the new characters and only seeing "all new" Pokemon in the next games that they're trying to re-awaken the Pokemon craze that came with the first games, I hope it works and I PRAY this means a new Pokemon Snap.



It would probably be on the 3ds and you could press the camera button on the 3ds to take a picture of the Pokemon



irken004 wrote:

It'd be a cool 3DS game though

Hmmm, yeah, it would be a cool 3DS game.


Just as long as Blockbuster gives me stickers of my pictures.

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Bring it on the 3DS, please!

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Here's my idea.

Two modes (including CrossPass and Wi-Fi sharing):

  • Original Mode, where you go around specific locations photographing Pokemon
  • On the Go mode where you use the 3DS camera to snap Pokemon in your surroundings (not as bad as System Flaw please, more like the augmented reality shooter/training demo shown at E3.)

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Koops3 wrote:

I can see it on Wiiware or 3DSware

What about DSiware?



Sylverstone wrote:

Sadman wrote:

Koops3 wrote:

I can see it on Wiiware or 3DSware

What about DSiware?

It's not like Nintendo will support it by the time 2010 ends.

Oh... yeah, I forgot about that. It's just that... never mind...



It would be cool on the 3DS with augmented reality so you look trough the 3DS camera and the Pokémon appear in the real world

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Thread title is meeeean! I love Snap, one of the best on-rails shooters ever. Need more!

I still have all my vc pix on the SD, mmm <3

Need more!!!



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