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It's happening again.

Before people start speculating about Nintendo releasing full games onto iOS just remember there has been official Pokemon games on phones and PC before, but those were just for advertasing. The Pokemon Company is allowed to do that, as long as it's not a full fledged game. Either that, or Nintendo is testing the waters a bit. They are putting Miiverse on iOS, so maybe Nintendo is thinking about releasing apps like this (maybe official guides) but not real games so to speak. Again, just for the purpose of advertasing their franchises.

And before you say Nintendo doesn't completely own Pokemon, while that may be true, they are the one in controll of it. The Pokemon Company, who are releasing this, doesn't have any controll of the games. They just handle the anime, cards and other merchandise, which Nintendo doesn't have anything to do with. They don't really own a part of the franchise, they were founded by Nintendo to take care of stuff Nintendo didn't have time for.

...i'm not sure why it wrote so much.

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Yeah Nintendo said they wouldnt make games for iOS just advertise, and pokedex 3D Pro is cheaper (and in 3D)

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Good. Finally will stop all of the stupid IOS pokemon pokedexs, guides, and those hideous games (One was a poorly made platformer that just had the official artwork hop around)

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