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Unca_Lz wrote:

I wouldn't exactly use that as a major point considering most PS4/Xbox One games are continuations of games from last gen...

The Tomb Raider PS4 version is not even close to the last year PC release running properly. Its a bit better than on normal but the options that do the most for making it look nice are not enabled.

It is a major thing though - Nintendo did something new every now and again now they just only do sequels.

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I don't think making sequels is bad though. I've seen plenty of original games be bad, and I've seen some sequels that were amazing

Being original does not equate to being good

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I think sequels in proportion are good. 3D Mario games are a good example. They generally have the same formula, but aren't clustered in so frequently that you feel bombarded with them. The series that need a break for the time being are DKCR and "New" Mario. I think nintendo still is trying to perfect the cycle of when to release games at a frequency that doesn't feel overwhelming while at the same time doesn't feel like they forgot about it cough*F-Zero, Starfox *cough
Zelda is another good example. Every 2-3 or so years they have a new handheld and every 3-5 years they have a new home release.
I think 1 installment per platform or 1 installment every 3-5 years is probably the sweet spot.

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Howard Lincoln should be brought back to replace Reggie. (From the Seattle Mariners).

Never realised exactly how much he did until just now reading this :

What they need if they want 3rd party is for somebody do do what it seems like he managed. (Make NoA actually something other than Marketing and Localization).

“30fps Is Not a Good Artistic Decision, It's a Failure”
Freedom of the press is for those who happen to own one.


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