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I like the idea of DLC, but I don't want Nintendo to start releasing unfinished games simply to fill it up with the DLC later.
Like Prince of Persia on the Xbox 360. You do about 10-13 hours of stuff, and then someone dies. You destroy all of your hard work to bring them back to life. Then, the game ends with a To Be Continued and you have to buy the last half of the game for around $12. WHAT?!

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I'm ok with good quality content thats not kept
back from the game to be sold on later.

Having said that its unlikely I'll buy anything whilst
nintendo doesn't let you add £5 to your eshop account.

Having to put £10 on minimum when you're a few pence
short of something is just wrong.

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Ignore my above rant.

I've since been told that when you buy something and you
dont have enough more you can just choose purchase software
and choose add funds then add the required amount.

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Fire emblem is the first game with payed DLC,
I hope that Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land wil get payed content to!
But I hope it`s not to expensive,
10 euro, round 13$, and 8£ is not cheap.
i agree with the text above it`s not fare you must add a standard money to your eShop acount, than you have only 1$ and must buy some stuppid game...

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