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okay, a few weeks a go.

-Miyamoto dissed Japanese gamer are too easy.

-Then Iwata said the image of Nintendo will change. (what do they wanna change, theyre perfect, its just that they adverstise poorly)

-Then a news came out that Nintendo doesnt accept Japanese indie developers while Western indie's are so welcome, hell Nintendo themselves approached them.

Does this mean theyre changing their image from heavily Japanese centered market to Western like market ?(just like Microsoft) Because people tend to think Japanese games are for babies while western typical blood and gore games are for "mature". . God I hope not.

What are your thoughts about this? Also do you think they do this to get 3rd party support ?

[EDIT] Its like theyre tryin to get the underworld out of Japan.

Note ! this is a speculation.

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Well I don't think they're attempting to look more "mature" . I think they're just taking interest in Western developers more because they've almost always stuck to Japanese developers, but many western developers are very talented. Many of the award winning games of today are often developed by western devs. Even Keiji Inafune stated that japanese developers don't know how to make proper games anymore, they're always doing the same old thing over and over, while Western developers hold lots more potential for great new ideas in games. And as for Miyamoto's comments on Japanese gamers are "quiters" and only like easy games, this sort of adds up with RETRO and Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii. Retro consists of western developers over in Texas and the game was highly acclaimed as one of the very best on Wii, also one of the most challenging. So I suppose Nintendo is just taking interest in western devs to help make more challenging and fresh games.
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ahh good point ! good point !



Just hit report next time -Lz

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Those are two separate conversations Iwata was talking about. I don't think they're changing the company's outlook on independent devs, but actually their software plan.
We don't have a specific reason for why Nintendo is excluding Japanese indies. It could be the steriotypes that they could believe in Japanese indie devs, or something beyond that. Nintendo is an unpredictable company that can throw strange policies at you, its hard to say what Nintendo will actually do tomorrow, regardless of what Iwata says.

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Has anyone considered that there may be a separate process for Japanese indie devs or something? Perhaps there are even weird laws involved, who knows.

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It's time for Nintendo to just give up and paint on a canvas not their own. But they are too suborn and prideful to go 3rd party

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Update : Nintendo blames Japan 2011 earthquake for poor 3DS and Wii U sales. ughh



There is lots of stuff that Japanese indies do that is less done in the west.

Blatently ripping off sprites and assets from other games.

Making stuff like Advanced Variable Geo (Girls getting mobbed when they lose in a fighting game and stuff like that isn't really acceptable outside Japan. Dunno whether NIntendo would accept that at all.)

But they let SNK release some stuff for the DS as well like Doki Doki Majo Shinpan.

The stuff that would be on there doesn't have much trouble getting published afaik.

(Blastworks : Build Trade Destroy ripped off a Japanese indie game without payment and as far as I know the author was not bothered by that as he just makes games as a hobby.).

Most of the stuff I want from Japan usually gets a retail release there.

There is quite a lot about Japan I don't quite get but I think overall it is better than the West.

Japanese games (That are targeted at Japan) are usually actually of a more reasonable difficulty.

A significant were dumbed down for Western release.

Arc System Works seems fairly similar to a Western indie and not have much trouble getting stuff on Nintendo consoles same with something like Milestone (Who I know are defunct).

It is hard getting information about Japanese stuff. (This site doesn't review imports which sucks. Super Play reviewed pretty much everything from Japan as well so by the time it was released I knew what I did and didn't want to buy locally and I could import if I wanted to as well. I would settle for just knowing).

Doesn't help that stuff gets reviewed badly that is just in a genre reviewers don't like. Obvious thing to do with those kind of things is have someone who is at least familiar with it.

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Okay, my thoughts after reading the posts here and the OP.

As unrandomsam stated, many games are essentially censored, dumbed down, or even completely ruined when they go from Japanese to American or even European versions. So these games wound up only really selling in Japan, and thus Nintendo thought it's market was predominantly Japanese. However, as we can now see everyone's true opinion, and not the censored or filtered opinions, in real time, Nintendo now has more information on what their real market is, and what we want.

The evidence is in the binary, they even offer points and prizes for filling out their own surveys, they want to listen and keep their market. I'm amazed that Nintendo managed to keep things going with as little information as they were getting before, you gotta love living in the future, no? Game reviewers are idiots, most of the time, unless you are a gamer and like the company you are reviewing, and are not in the pockets of another company, you can write an honest review of any game, otherwise, your review is meaningless. However, until the connectivity we enjoy today existed, that's all they had to go on, and most software testers and reviewers prior to the internet, in the US, were owned by various competing companies.

What we can expect from Nintendo is what most USians would consider "edgier," because we have been excessively babied as consumers so for long even a little bit of a butt crack offends someone. Look at how people respond to slang words here, yeah, Nintendo did what they could and managed to work fine without half of it's market, now it will just get more awesome because now it can cater to all of it's market and basically flip off our idiotic consumer groups who control the governments. They still have to pussyfoot around parents here, but in a few decades that won't even be an issue. We can see real games coming for both the 3DS and Wii soon, real games, good games, games with actual content and challenges.

In short, I don't think it was the Japanese games that were the problem, but the changes they made to cater to a bunch of old bitties telling us what we should be seeing, hearing, and playing.

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