Topic: Nintendo Wii 2: Rockstar Games Are Currently Developing Grand Theft Auto For The Nintendo Wii 2

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French gaming site 01net, the website which previously leaked the specifications for Sony’s NGP, have revealed that RockStar Games are currently hard at work developing Grand Theft Auto V for the Nintendo Wii 2, which the company hopes to have ready for the systems launch in late 2012.


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That'd be pretty sweet. Finally shut up all the fanboys.


Ill believe it when I sees it! Hopefully at e3 if its true.

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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Yeah this was on Wii Rumors the other day...and this would be incredible.
Like they said, it would really show Nintendo is serious about appealing to the hardcore crowd. This is especially true if we see some pretty nice exclusives as well.

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I don't know — even if Proj.-Cafe/Stream/Wii2 get the big third party titles, it'll be tough for Nintendo to convince me to buy it on their new platform instead of on PS3. A jump up in graphical horsepower might help, but whether the developers actually take advantage of it is a whole other story.

But, I suppose we'll have to see.

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