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I don't see enough people discussing this. Something so utterly concerning.
We thought Nintendo was done. We thought they were turning a new leaf by removing the creator's program.
Lo and behold, on comes August 2019.
BrawlBRSTMs3 X and GilvaSunner (with a lowercase L) are dead.
And it seems like Nintendo's working on killing off Dystify Music too.
All three channels have begun to get their uploads - in the case of Brawl and Gilva, several-year-old-ones - flagged.
Brawl is almost entirely gone. Gilva's strikes happened within the last two days, and are increasing in number. And Dystify's uploads are being systematically struck by soundtrack - first Fire Emblem, now Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
Spread the awareness. Tell Nintendo we want this to change.

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Yes because this is sooo a crisis. Millions of people are homeless, hungry etc. But nothing compares to what is happening to a YouTube channel. SMH.

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@Tasuki Yes, because discussing those topics is most definitely appropriate and on-topic for a Nintendo forum.

You're wrong until I say otherwise.


@DFaceG_Rebooted I think we should change this thread's title to say "issue", rather than "crisis".

Back on topic, this is sad, especially for the people who own the channels. Dystify was already taken down once, but that time it was his fault for uploading an unreleased soundtrack. In all fairness, these channels are ripping and reuploading music that isn't theirs, but in my opinion, as long as they aren't profiting off the music and credit Nintendo, they shouldn't be taken down.



I thought this was a problem about a console or game, but no it's about some youtube channels?

I have never heard of these youtube channels, but to be fair havent heard of most of them as never go on there. Three of them have gone down?? OMG!!! How did we live without youtube??

And oh look the world is still fine.

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This I don't really understand - maybe they don't think it complies with Fair Use? I'd understand if Nintendo had their own music channel/site but the smash bros. music is only a certain selection of songs and you can't search them up. Smash can be used as a nintendo music player, but a majority of the collection are remixes.




@Bunkerneath They were 3 quite big channels - 200,000+ subscribers each, but there was no way they could profit off of these videos as they didn't own the music. Lots of people do this sort of thing (upload soundtracks) because it makes it more convenient to find your favourite song if you want to play it.



I'm not mad about this at all. It's Nintendo's music, which means they should be able to use it as they please, in my opinion, and there's always other methods of getting it (so far). Their decision to take down the channels that uploaded the leaked SSBU OST was fully understandable to me. It's sad that we're going to lose all these comment sections, but it's not the end of the world.

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You use other people's content... then you're at their mercy.

Suck it up.

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