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Club Nintendo just posted some new prizes at the shop. There are two reversible bags to use for various iterations of the DS and a reproduction of the G&W game 'Ball'. I ordered both bags and passed on the game. Wanted to share the cool news.



1200 coins!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!! If I roll up all my back surveys plus coins I have currently, that only gives me 900 coins!!!!! Why did I just HAVE to have those stupid 3 pins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must find a way to own that case AND that game! Off to my local used game store to "borrow" some codes :3

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Wasn't there all-ready a specific thread for Club Nintendo swag?
Anyway, here's the rewards link for all you lazy NA clickers:

Personally, I'm not impressed with these new rewards two bags (nuff said) and a game which is only 200pts on DSiWare, come on Nintendo! (the least they could do is send the machine in one of those bags)
Anyway, enough complaining, judging Nintendo, it won't be long before we see more G&W remakes up for grabs!

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Huh... didn't think the US club would get the Ball repro in. Colour me surprised. Got mine off eBay from the Japanese club a while back...

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Whoa...Game & Watch Ball...1200! ...luckily I have over 1300 banked. Maybe I should wait just in case something else comes along, when is the year over again?

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No!!!!! I probably have enough coins but I already reached Platinum! Do you think G&W will still be there by June-July?
Shinesprite this is a piece of history! It's a reproduction of Nintendo's first hand held, it's not about the game itself. I have NSMBW and Mario Kart Wii Codes, will trade for Wii Codes or even DS codes!

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I hate not-game prizes, but cheers for the G&W reissue. Right now I cant log on to my account, when hit sign in (after filling in the user and password) the page is refreshed and the user and password fields are cleared, without logging. I wouldnt like my account to be hacked or banned. Anyone else is having this problem now?

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