Topic: Netflix coming to Wii This Spring!

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It Maybe Streaming Video but we still got it here's the proof everyone.

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That's great! I have it on my 360 and I must say it was good for about a month, but it doesn't seem like they update TOO often, or if they do it isn't an update of anything I want to see. I've had it for about 2 months or so and I think I'm about to unsubscribe seeing as the only reason I got the subscription was for the streaming online.

I'm really glad the Wii is getting a new feature though.

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Ive always had a fit with video streaming over a wireless network. I already have Netflix, so I'll gladly give it a shot, as long as it works without a hitch.

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Yeah I reserved my disc first thing when I woke up yesterday morning.



I was already thinking of signing up for PS3 streaming but this just made it even better. I'm currently keeping my Wii & PS3 in different rooms so it would be nice to have netflix on both consoles.

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