Topic: MSNBC declared Nintendo as The most dependable Publisher ever..

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Nintendo makes more money, so it's more dependable? Ugh, people.



I don't really trust anything MSNBC says, sorry...




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Rhansley64 wrote:

i fond the link on GT forums i'm not shocked after Business Week and other declared Nintendo Number #1 on their list so it's a no brainer, but what i did find shocking is that Capcom, Konami, Namco Bandai, Square Enix and SEGA isn't on the list. Instead EA and Rockstar games which i think is a disgrace.

It's because they're japanese xD

Nintendo is mixed


Nintendo is also #1 in being the worst electronics maker for the enviroment!,250000598,10001479,00.htm

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brooks83 wrote:

I don't really trust anything MSNBC says, sorry...

Funny, that's how I feel about Faux News.

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Turbo+Genesis+64 wrote:

Nintendo is also #1 in being the worst electronics maker for the enviroment!,250000598,10001479,00.htm

Harr harr. Got to love Greenpeace. Saving the environment one overclocked, underthought Iron-Fist-O-Matic at a time. How is Sony more eco-friendly anyway? PS3 chews up about 3 times as much energy a the Wii does.
Oh well, Greenpeace rank up there with PETA for pressure groups so rancid it's actually funny.


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Score for Nintendo about the #1 dependable. Screw the least "green" company, Raylax is right, the PS3 eats up a ridiculous amount of energy, while the Wii eats up the least energy as of any modern console.

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What is implied by dependable in this context?

If they mean when you buy a game, and you expect enjoyment, Nintendo is the company that can be counted on most, I'd say that's probably quite accurate.


It's nice to hear an website giving the praise it deserves. A legendary company deserve nothing less then the #1 spot.


I'd say Nintendo's dependable. Even if I don't like most of their products, they're usually pretty solid.


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