Topic: Microsoft's idea of 3D - Scary much?

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I like the sound of 3D without glasses, but here's Microsoft's idea:

If you're too lazy to follow that link, you read the title in the url correctly. They want to shoot the images into each of your eyes. Sounds painful. Discuss!

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From the article's comments section:

arch3r wrote:

In Soviet Microsoft, TV watches YOU!


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....Sounds like that would I'll stick with Nintendo on this one for now. xD

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This was one of the reason the Virtual Boy was a POS. Sure, technology has advanced but I'm still not crazy about images beamed directly into my eyes.

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um, i like using my eyes. i`d rather not burn a retina to smithereens just for entertainment.

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This is, very basically, how the 3DS will work. It will create slightly different images and shoot the light out at different angles to hit each eye to create a 3D effect. In order for this to work on a TV, you need the cameras to know where you are sitting in relation to the screen, so it can adjust the angle of these two images. It's really not that crazy, or any different from any other image which is basically light being "shot into" your eyes and interpreted by your retina/brain. The one question in all of this is how it would compensate for multiple viewers. Not all Xbox owners play by themselves in dark basements, because the only friends they have are other swearing preteens online on Halo...wait, now that I think about it, there's no problem here. jk.

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MY GOD!!! That must be EXTREMELY painful on your eyes!

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Token+Girl wrote:

This is, very basically, how the 3DS will work.

I'm very afraid now...

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There are always images shooting into your eyes.

It's called sight



AlexSays wrote:

There are always images shooting into your eyes.

It's called sight

Thank you.

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really? i thought that episode was awesome!

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Hey now, that episode featured the lovely Ashley Judd as an ensign, so don't go talking bad about it.


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@thesignpainter, warioswoods: lol, it was another 'Wesley saves the day' episode, though. screw that :3

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