Topic: metroid prime Trilogy coming to Europe 4 september

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I think this was known before but yeah, I'll be getting this. Will be the first Wii game, ignoring WiiWare, that I actually buy on launch. Could never get into Metroid Prime for GC and I'm sure Wii controls will feel more intuitive. Either way, I love the Metroid series too much not to give Prime another chance.


I'll be trading in my 3 original Prime games and some other stuff for some other games, then buy this. This is gonna be awesome.

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Oh thank goodness, I hadn't heard that news yet. This is gonna be my most treasured possession ever! <3



Never owned any Metroid game because I've only just got into the FPS genre, so cannot wait to get this. Couldn't have wished for a better collection to get me into a series so legendary as Metroid!

It's on like Donkey Kong! (trademark of Nintendo)


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