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You know MegaMan Battle Network, right? And if you're a fan, you probably know that it ended after the sixth dual entry.


This project is very similar in terms of ambition to the AM2R project, and it damn well shows!
Chrono X serves as a connection between theMegaMan Battle Network series and the MegaMan Starforce series, with new enemies, new allies, and an entirely original story. Gameplay is largely identical, but will offer online multiplayer in the future, among other things.

The game is still a work-in-progress, so the demo is kinda short, but I was really impressed by how well these folks managed to replicate the Battle Network atmosphere and style. Give it a try - and if you like it, tune in to their big livestream on May 16.

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Oh yeah I had of the game before, I had fun playing the demo and want to play the full one. Gives the real feel of the battle nerwork series.

The Megaman Battle Network series is underrated... I think, don't quote me on this.

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