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@Prosody: They wanted personalized mugs? Primadonnas. Glad that deal didn't go through, we need all the mugs we can get, you know, for the secret root beer parties we have every Tuesday at noon in chat. They can drink out of an emptied jar of salsa with a NL bumper sticker placed on it with their name written in Sharpie like they're used to.

Haven't been to IGN in... years, there are many other better places to find game news/reviews online.

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I know this is such an old post, but man... since Matt, Mark and Craig left IGN, Nintendo IGN sucks... so much, those guys really loved nintendo and not only that, they love it but criticize them with good arguments and how they could make things way better, they were objective fans of nintendo, no the blind losers IGN has nowadays

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The broad-brush view of Nintendo among the general gaming community is a huge turn-off for me. About a year and a half ago, I realized that I'd rather sift through blind, Ninty-Fanboy opinions HERE than get upset at all the FPS-obsessed, mainstream, YOLO-saying, "We-Play-Videogames-But-We-Aren't-Babies," brainwashed, haters @ IGN posting their stupid, biased crap.
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