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So Matt and Bozon are no longer part of the Nintendo team at Ign and Craig Harris is in charge now with some other noobs. Is anyone else disappointed about this or is it just me. I know Matt and Bozon ran down the Wii sometimes (especially Matt), but they were a funny couple and at the end of the day they did give at lot of high marks to Wii games. Anyway Craig Harris also isn't the Wii's biggest fan but unlike Mattt and Bozon he's completely humourless.

Remember when Bozon tried to lose wieght with Wii Fit, that was very funny. Is anyone else going to miss these two? And does anyone know anymore details about why they have left?

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This is probably going to turn into another IGN bashing fest...

Anyway, I've always enjoyed reading their reviews and articles - especially Casamassina's. Some people think he's been harsh on Nintendo; I think he's been fair. People who seem to think Nintendo is the perfect company that never makes any mistakes are, well, blind fanboys. In general I agreed with their reviews (some exceptions would be NMH and World Of Goo) and they've definitely helped me find some really great games. Oh and the video reviews were awesome. Not too fond of the new gang, kinda stopped listening to the Nintendo Voice Chat when Matt left, he was pretty good with the exclusives.

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Before it does turn into a bashing fest, I'll just say that I have always liked Matt, ever since the 64 days. I wish him luck.

as for bozon, meh



Matt did some awesome video reviews, he just went on too much about about lack of HD and optical sound output, but when it came to the games I've always respected his opinion. Certainly the podcasts were much better when he was chairing them. Now you just get Harris calling all Nintendo fans kids all the time. Matt and Bozon both had charisma and a good working chemistry and though they criticised the Wii too much, I'm gonna miss their banter.

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We were all wrong. Nobody wants to bash IGN anymore, apparently.



well matt just left to another postion in IGN right. Matt left ign for another company though.


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Matt and Mark really made me laugh so much on the Nintendo Voice chat. I miss them and I think its a huge loss for IGN. Not only were they funny I really respect them as game reviewers. Unlike Dameon Hatfield I feel that Matt and Mark were both very credible in their reviews.

Mark announced recently that he would be leaving for another position, but was unable to mention where. Matt is on hiatus for family reason I think.
They mentioned it in the most recent podcast.

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IDK if anyone is still watching this but I never heard the news and tried to dig up somemore info:

Matt is working for Apple as the App Store's global editorial games manager.

And Bozon is working at EGM as an editor for the review crew. (Found out through his info on his Facebook page, which I probably shouldn't link to cause its stalker-ish. Eugghh.)



Wow, this brings back memories. I haven't visited IGN in about five years now. Do they still make you pay for a "premium subscription" for all their good content and the forum search feature?



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Okay? I'm guessing there's some secret objective for your posting that in a long-dead thread. But don't tell us, because that'd be telling!

of course, I can't tell whether you're talking about IGN or NL, but that's probably just because of my lack of comprehension skills.


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Matt and Bozon, should join NL.
They fit better here

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.



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I haven't visited IGN much since they changed the layout. It's really hard to navigate now.



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