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Yes, the big moment has come! BioWare's announcement, as if she had to take for creating games for the Wii has just materialized. Studio zaanonsowało Mass Effect: Krogan Rebellions.

A new series of Mass Effect will be a prequel and created in parallel with the "troika" - the shares would be played out at about 1,400 years before the events of the first part. The outline of the story presented by BioWare is as follows:

After the war Rachni Krogan race grew in strength. Since coming from Tuchanki breed is known for its aggression, the Citadel Council considered that it may be a threat to peace in the galaxy. Is it the face of the united race will be able to defend the Milky Way?

This information sounds as if a very mysterious, but now it is certain that the main character in Mass Effect: Krogan Rebellions, for obvious reasons, not the famous Commander Shepard. So who will be our protagonist? It is as if the great unknown for us. We do know that the game will appear exclusively on the Wii and will represent the RPG genre, with a strong focus on action. BioWare is squeezed out of the Nintendo sweat, making the Wii version will not stand out much in technical terms than their brethren from competing platforms.

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An obvious April Fools joke sadly


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Not interested.

So ends a saga older than time itself.
The World's oldest and fiercest army has been led to victory, and a lost generation
is delivered from its fear of extinction. As the sun sets over the
field of conflict the dinosaurs disperse, hoping never to set foot
in this place a...


Yep, an April Fools joke. Shame, too, as Mass Effect is hella awesome.

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April Fool's or not, it does sound like a neat idea.



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