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From just after e3, including many interesting remarks. It's a long read, but well worth it.

First of all, here at E3, we’re not talking specifically about what will be packaged with the hardware system itself. The only thing I can say clearly is that we will definitely package the Wii U system with one Wii U GamePad because without those two elements, you do not have a complete Wii U system. But beyond that, in terms of what will be going into the box, I will talk about that more in the future when we go into more detail on pricing and other information.

There are 190 million Wii Remotes out in the marketplace around the world. As Reggie pointed out in our presentation at E3 yesterday, there are also quite a large number of Wii Balance Boards. We look at both of those as important assets that we would like to continue to leverage.

So will they allow for a cheaper package for those who already own Wiimotes? Hmmm...

He also talks about SmartGlass and the latency problems it is sure to face, amongst other tidbits, like digital distribution for 3rd party games:

As we’ve shared with you previously, for the Wii U hardware system, from the beginning, we’ve planned to make it possible for people to release their games as either an optical disc or as digital content. So publishers would be able to choose from both of those options.

Currently, we are in discussions with the publishers by sharing with them our offer in this area. Through that process, if publishers accept it as reasonable, games in the digital format will be available from the launch time. There are no technical restrictions.

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