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Video game accessory and peripheral brand Hyperkin is giving the Nintendo Wii HDMI connectivity. Its upcoming Passport: HDMI Cable for Wii creates a direct link from the Wii video game console to a TV or PC monitor. The company claims its Passport HDMI Cable provides a higher native resolution for the Wii.

"The Nintendo Wii system, unfortunately, only outputs interlaced analog signals up to 480. That signal strength can never upscale to 1080. If you are using the normal AV cables that came with the Wii system, then you are getting standard definition, "clarifies Paul Leong of Hyperkin.

The Passport: HDMI Cable will be available at retail in the Summer of 2011. Working prototypes will be on display at E3 in Los Angeles June 7 - 9th, 2011.



Hmm wonder of this thing actually works.

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looks like a sales pitch

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The VDigi upscaler actually produces a very noticeable improvement in quality and clarity, depending on your TV and setup, but I don't see any particular reason to put faith in this one.

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I just got some composite cables for my Wii (and new HDTV), looks pretty good to me compared to using AV cables on my old SDTV.


Yep I saw that on my local news (where that article came from). Now all I need is an HDTV.

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