Topic: HipHopGamer says Nintendo planning to buy Sega!

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I thought that the world wasn't going to end...

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Nintendo isn't going to buy SEGA, Valve is. my pants.


kkslider5552000 wrote:

I'm seriously thinking about starting a Twitter or something just to make up absurd gaming news rumors.

"Michael Bay to buy Namco Bandai!"
"Next Duke Nukem game to be crossover with Tomb Raider."
"Nintendo secretly working on holographic I-Pad rival"
"Next Smash Bros. to have over 100 characters"
"Sega, first gaming company run by walruses?"
"Top 10 reasons why Retro Studios is being bought by Atari"
"Eternal Darkness 2 in development"
"Nicalis to publish Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney game, set to be release in a week"

You forgot Nintendo buying Rare back from Microsoft.


hey guys, we understand that the video has been removed — please, if you're going to post a link to the same video hosted on another site, make sure the site doesn't ask our users to download anything. We'd all love to be able to trust everything we see available on the internet, but in truth there's no telling what's lurking out there on file-sharing sites waiting to bite, and downloading an .exe from a site you've never been to before is a serious red flag. If the video is no longer viewable over the internet and someone wants to go find it to download, they can take the risk and google it up for themselves. Thanks in advance! :3

future of NL >:3
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