Topic: HipHopGamer says Nintendo planning to buy Sega!

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Anyway what do you guys think about this? I think it would be awesome. Nintendo having access to all of Sega's IPs and development teams.

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He might be right or he might not be.
Though the video being removed is odd, unless he did that himself to add credibility to his rumour.
But that's all it is, a rumour.



19Robb92 wrote:

Is there any good reason as to why I should even consider to believe this?

No, there's not. I can't see this being plausible whatsoever.

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Sounds like this thread could do with some good old fashion 80's investigation music



While I take this with less than a grain of salt, it'd make sense because Prosody is taking over. :3

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Unless Sega has completely given up.. I don't see this happening both companies have distinct cultures which I don't believe will mix very well but hey that's my opinion...

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Nintendo and Sega would be an awesome combo. I'd just hope that they wouldn't put more Sega characters in Smash, because that would ruin it.

Maybe if Nintendo buy them, we can finally get Jet Set Radio 3.
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Don't see it unless nintendo is looking to get into PC gaming which I'm pretty sure they aren't.



Bryon15 wrote:

Well, that video was originally on youtube:

But they removed it. Now, why would they do that if there was no truth behind it? Good chance of this happening. More info:

Um... so you believe everything you hear over the Internet?

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Bryon15 wrote:

Well, that video was originally on youtube:

But they removed it. Now, why would they do that if there was no truth behind it? Good chance of this happening. More info:

Looks like a couple of lesser known "news" sites trying to get hits. Happens all the time

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If this is true anyone want them to make a game called sega vs super smash bros XD? It could happen because sega is running out of good ideas for sonic games which is their biggest intake of money. yes they have the racing game but it's not an actual sonic game. I wouldn't mind if this happened. If it does i want nintendo to make a sequel to billy hatcher and the giant egg.

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If so, then I'd try the Yakuza games on my WiiU and such, but why would sonic 1,3, S and K be removed from Japan's VC? Then again there is Bayonetta 2 by Nintendo, but that's more platinum games, IDK maybe they'd buy certain franchises

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I'm seriously thinking about starting a Twitter or something just to make up absurd gaming news rumors.

"Michael Bay to buy Namco Bandai!"
"Next Duke Nukem game to be crossover with Tomb Raider."
"Nintendo secretly working on holographic I-Pad rival"
"Next Smash Bros. to have over 100 characters"
"Sega, first gaming company run by walruses?"
"Top 10 reasons why Retro Studios is being bought by Atari"
"Eternal Darkness 2 in development"
"Nicalis to publish Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney game, set to be release in a week"

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"Hiphopgamer" to describes how this sites credibility sounds I will say this: that site almost sounds like it would give me a virus.



Oh yes, because removing the source is a valid way to add credibility.

Seriously, anyone who is considering this might be true should have their brains checked.

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