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I think the NES Classic Edition is pretty cool—absolutely love the Ad—but it's still not quite there imo.

However, if Nintendo could give us a SNES Classic Edition that's a mini SNES-styled console box (and not necessarily an exact replica of the SNES but just miniaturised) with a classic SNES controller that can be used both wired and wireless (you'd simply be able to optionally detach the cord), has maybe 80 games bundled (seeing as we're not going to be able to add any games later, and having the ability to download more games would just convoluted the whole Plug & Play concept somewhat if we could anyway, what with having to included accounts and online and all that stuff), possibly has an option to use actual Nintendo carts in it directly (it would just be very cool, although, this isn't essential if it actually includes enough games in the first place, like 80 or so), and ideally comes with an included power adapter in the UK too (because it's just stupid not including this, and a sneaky hidden cost too)—for ideally £50 in the UK—I'd be very much sold on that.


Maybe something like the original SNES Control Deck above, and with the Jap/UK controller colours too, would be cool.

Now, I don't want to hear arguments that it would be impossible to give us the stuff I've suggested above. It wouldn't—let's not debate it, because your understanding of the real-world costs involved is likely very limited at best, and therefor it's just pure speculation. This is more about asking for what I actually want (and fully believe is viable)—what would be the near perfect realisation of this all-in-one, Plug & Play SNES Classic Edition, as I see it—rather than being about arguing what's going to help Nintendo make the most profit with the least possible effort.

The SNES Classic Edition as I have described above is something I think would be a truly compelling value proposition, and I think it would be a system that would please pretty much everyone else too (regardless of whether they bizarrely feel compelled to argue it's not going to make Nintendo enough profit or whatever).

Hopefully some wise people in here will think similarly.

Edit: Here's a link to my blog post a slightly updated/expanded version of the same idea:

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80 games would be a hassle if Nintendo had to deal with licensing. Heck, Nintendo and Square alone can make a great system. (Oh and Enix too technically)

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@daniel12 I love the mega drive but unfortunately the system will be crap. The company they have licensed to make the hardware and do the emulation has been making units for sega for the last ten years and they are all crap.

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i don't see you expanding on anything in that blog post, it's just this post copied over. which seems to repeatedly stress how you don't want to hear anyones opinions because this is just what YOU want in your ideal world. it seems like you think you have it all figured out and you just want others to agree lol.

that control deck you pictured isn't the original and the colored buttons aren't "JAP/UK controller colors" - the latter is the default color scheme and the American purple is the changed color config.

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Octane wrote:

everyone needs to relax and enjoy the games that are released today and stop worrying what Nintendo will do in a year or two from now.

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A mini SNES would be cool (official SNES classic controllers easily and cheaply available - YES PLEASE!) but I think there are a few roadblocks in the way.

The biggest one is that the highlights of the SNES have held up incredibly well (compared to the NES or Mega Drive). Zelda alttp, Mario World, Super Metroid and Earthbound are arguably the peaks of their respective series - they're all far more visually and mechanically polished and approachable for a modern audience than anything on the NES. Unlike the NES games we're getting with the NES mini they all continue to sell very well on the virtual console and I suspect they always will. Which makes it a harder proposition for Nintendo to sell them us "cheap" (and this type of product has to be "cheap").

I think part of the appeal with the NES is also that those games really are "pick up and play". Which means they can be pitched to a very broad audience. That's a little harder with the SNES with its slightly more complex games.

To be honest I think that a "Game Boy classic edition" is far more likely. Not sure whether they'll give us a cartridge slot but I'd guess not - it just adds cost for something that hardly anyone would or even could use. It just seems like it would be a far more mass market product.

A SNES classic edition with just 20 games (Super Bomberman! Mega Man X! Secret of Mana! Super Mario Kart! Super Castlevania!) would potentially be the only console that most people would ever need to own. I'd desperately want one. I just don't see it happening any time soon...


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I would also like a cord that is longer for an SNES classic or any other classic system!

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If Nintendo do decide to make this they could quite easily get the licences for 3rd party games at the same time as the VC editions.

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They would have to skip all games that used the Super FX chip though. I've the licensing for that one is a pain.

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I skipped the NES Classic Edition because you couldn't use the original cartridges...and I'll do the same if Nintendo repeats this mistake with any other console. All I really want are versions of the NES, SNES, and N64, with HDMI ports and added programming for lossless scaling to 1080p. I know there's a few variants out there by fans, but it sucks that Nintendo's so against this themselves.

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Luna_110 wrote:

They would have to skip all games that used the Super FX chip though. I've the licensing for that one is a pain.

They'd be able to use their own games which worked with the chip though, like Star Fox, Yoshi's Island, and Stunt Race FX.

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