Topic: First official survey of characters for next Smash Bros

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zoroarkrules25 wrote:

i liked pichu but they set him up horrible in melee which is why the pichu brothers may work best. They could be made playable in brawl over pikachu's model so they could work. If they do make it i hope they replace the ice climbers because i don't like them that much and they haven't had a game in a long time.

Mewtwo had the same problem. He was awesome as a character, but his actual moveset was sadly completely awful.

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True mewtwo was decent but not worth unlocking him the way you do. He could do a lot better with the newer moves like his new signature move psystrike.

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True but they would be easy to. Also without them pichu wouldn't have been popular enough to be in melee.

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if it comes to the 3ds i will be happy but i won't be surprised if it doesn't :/

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Nuisance wrote:

if it comes to the 3ds i will be happy but i won't be surprised if it doesn't :/

Well good news! Nintendo confirmed that the next one (or ones?) is coming to both

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My top suggestions.
Gary and Allison
Non-specific action figure (At least as an assist)

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Some characters I hope make it into Smash 4:

Paper Mario [Paper Mario]
Shulk [Xenoblade]
Zael [The Last Story]
Pac-Man [Pac-Man]
Rayman [Rayman]
Travis Touchdown [No More Heroes]

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