Topic: Final Fantasy XV for Wii U Rumor

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And have a look at that:

Final Fantasy is on the Wii now. Crystal Chronicles. Kitase's comments in no way mean that a numbered Final Fantasy game is coming to the Wii U.

As for the Dragon Quest thing - the Dragon Quest series has always, always gone to the hardware with the biggest active install base at the time. That's the only way that it can meet Square Enix's sales expectations for the series. With that in mind it wasn't surprising in the slightest to see DQ games announced for the DS and Wii.

There would have to be a massive drama behind the scenes for Final Fantasy to move off Sony platforms. Sony would not like that at all.


back to the old days when FF was on nintendo systems well i wasnt born then so but still and i buy a wii-u just for this game



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