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We are a small team of three working harder than we've ever worked on something we love so much that it makes our girlfriends jealous. Farrah Rogue is a FPS Couch multiplayer for WiiU and pretty much everything. We already have licenses for WiiU, Xbox One, and even Ouya. We are working on getting a license for Playstation, but until they okay us we aren't saying we're launching there quite yet (but we plan to.) We are also on Windows Mac and Linux! I never realized there was such a big Linux install base, but they have been asking us for it so we added it. There also will be a small campaign we're going to work on as well. The weapons are cool too. It has the obligatory laser and shotgun, but it also has black holes and hookshots!

We have so many plans for Farrah that we just can't wait. That's why we did so much already! check out our trailer here!

We were also able to launch and alpha on ouya, so if you have one check it out here:

Here is a gameplay trailer as well. happy hunting!

Farrah Rogue is not recommended for small kids, unless they are awesome small kids.




Wow, this looks like the kind of FPS multiplayer I used to play a long time ago. I love it! I really hope you guys can make it to $100k for online modes, since I don't really have any friends who would be interestedi n the local aspect of this. Great job so far, it looks great



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