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I'm at the website, but either the reward order inquiry sheet doesn't come up, or it says I'm not eligible and says I have 0 coins (thankfully temporary). I'll try a different computer later on today. When I get the figurines, they'll go quite nicely with the Mario and friends poster.

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I was also hoping for an exclusive game or WiiWare download.

If there isn't going to be an exclusive reward than Nintendo should give us an offer to get some points for the Wii/DSi so we could pick our own game(s)?

This Platinum prize must not be all that exclusive if JumpMad got one from GameStop.

So if we would opt in for the calendar we loose all are points
(Nintendo does not shift points from 2010 to 2011 for making a lesser value choice)

eBay may end up being flooded with these to buy Wiiware/DSiware points.

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@turtlelink: Every year seems to have a reward related to a major game (or games) released that year, so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw something Zelda themed for next year.

And the quality of this figure looks to be much higher than those that were sold at Gamestop. As for exclusive downloads, maybe we'll see one in the future? Grill Off With Ultra Hand seems to say it's possible...

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So I'm actually really happy I fell 30 points short of platinum.



I was 150 short. I guess the calendar is decent but I'd rather have the figurine. Any word on when new rewards come out (those that cost coins?)

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There's never word but I'd wager we're getting new stuff this/next month.



WooHoo! I was finally able to put the order in for the statue. Now to fill out the left-over surveys for next years reward (have enough of them to reach platinum again).



I place my order around 9am, I was almost late for class, waiting for it to load up.
Lucky for me it made just in time, that way I don't have to wait for the re-stock, like the Mario Hat thing.

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I think I have enough surveys and products to register to get to about 250 coins so far for next year, but I'm not too sure I'm going to care about getting platinum again after how underwhelming the reward was this year. Of course, with my luck if I miss platinum next year they'll probably have an awesome reward, grrr!

I really don't get why there was no downloadable option this year. Surely it must be cheaper than shipping junk to people. The option to downgrade to the gold reward has to be the most ridiculous reward option they could think of for reaching platinum status. It's like they're admitting the one platinum reward they did come up with is so poor it might not be better than the gold reward.


I finally was able to get the Mario figurine. They really should have gotten better rewards, as last year's was a little bit better.

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I quite like the figurine, personally, though I was really hoping for the SMG2 soundtrack.

Lucky Japan...

'Cause every forum needs a Yoshi fan.


They added Mario posters recently.

...they're sold out now...

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Ah crap, I totally forgot when the end of a CN year is...


I'm already a Gold member. Once I register my 3DS, Pokemon Black, Nintendogs + Cats, and Sims 3, I'm sure I'll be a platinum member. What any word on what the prize will be yet? And when does the Nintendo Club Year end? June or July?

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turtlelink wrote:

I was actually hoping for the Zelda figurine.

I'm also waiting for that

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