Topic: Danny Wells, AKA Luigi, has died (1942-2013)

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I remember watching The Super Mario Bros. Super Show as a kid in 1989, and I thought it as the best show ever! Of course, I was just a kid back then, and it retrospect, it was incredibly cheesy. Still, it had a charm that would be part of our childhoods forever. RIP Luigi.

What are your favorite moments?

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And to continue with the ironic celebrity deaths... The live action Luigi most of you remember dies near the end of the year of Luigi.

It's... Sad. Makes me wonder if he even knew it was "The Year of Luigi".

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Actually, Reggie said that the Year of Luigi will continue in 2014, but I see what you mean.



Please take this discussion to this thread.

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BadKitty wrote:

Please take this discussion to this thread.

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