Topic: Czech ConQuest entertainment is a new official distributor of Nintendo on Polish Market!

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Great News!
Our official Nintendo website has been updated! (
There is also information that says " From 1st of March 2014, ConQuest entertainment a.s. will be Nintendo distributor for the Polish market.".
I hope that the prices of Nintendo consoles and games will be fair on our market. Last time, when Stadlbauer used to be our distributor the prices were very high, and on Wii U day-one we had about only 50 consoles in whole country! This time things can only get better.



Were they? 1200 PLN is not to bad for brand new console - now lets talk about PS4 and the games... And their "great" prices



Buy more Wii Us! The Polish should save it!

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Wow this is really great! I have an NTSC 3DS so I buy stuff off Amazon, but if I ever get around getting a WiiU, I will probably buy one here, as it will be cheaper compared to an import one (shipping fees, import taxes etc. are really pricey).



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