Topic: Bayonetta creator wants to make Star Fox

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Saw it, sounds pretty awesome were it to happen.

A large Star Fox 64 inspiration sounds great.


If he would, I think Katt will have implants next time we see her.

Not that I'm complaining.

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I dunno. It might be good

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Hopefully since he's specifically a fan of Star Fox 64 he wouldn't include Krystal, were his fantasy to unlikely become reality.

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Dragoon wrote:

I have an idea what they're gonna do to Krystal...0_0

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While it wouldn't be preferable to me, it'd be nice to see where he goes with the series.

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I hope they do! And if they do, Krystal has to be in it! Oh the amazing and disturbing things they could do with that character.

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Sylverstone wrote:

Dragoon wrote:

I have an idea what they're gonna do to Krystal...0_0

You mean getting the Bayonetta treatment?

IE: Have freakishly long legs?

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Digiki wrote:

Saw it, sounds pretty awesome were it to happen.

A large Star Fox 64 inspiration sounds great.

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Very interesting. I doubt Nintendo will give them the rights to create such a Star Fox game, one of their big series, but if they do, I am anxious to see their work on Krystal.

Don't worry about me.

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Star Fox 64 was the only game in the series that was created entirely internally, so I don't know why you'd doubt that. They sure couldn't do worse than Namco.

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i dont care who makes it.. WE WANT STARFOX Wii!!

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It'd be awesome flying in some pretty awesome environments... loved the "protect the gate" level on Assault. Also the first level against Oikany in the forest was a cool place to be. If they make it I hope they improve the land levels controls and make the tank better too... assuming they go with the Assault gameplay and stuff. Either way I'll be hapy.



OR how about they just finally release the Starfox sequel that was what about a month from release before getting the can. Imagine the VC sells that would net.

Bayonetta is SEGA at its pure finest. I just started the game and just astounded at the fact that something so entirely amazing could be produced by SEGA who has release utter trash for so long now. If the Bayonetta team got ahold of StarFox by some chance I think amazing things would be sure to come.

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This is just my opininon, I kinda like the old starfox better than the newer ones.. If they make a new starfox, I hope it's like starfox 64

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I just don't know how a 3D action developer would handle a 3D on-rails shooter...but stranger things have happened. Team Ninja, known for boobs and gore, is doing the new Metroid, so...

I would hope it wouldn't take the lame direction the disappointing post-64 entries have taken. StarFox is a series that needs to get back to its roots to be good again.

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