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But only with a 3rd party device as reported by David Houghton of GamesRadar

"It's just come to our attention that there is apparently a way of deleting saves stored on the cartridge, albeit via a bit of third-party kit. According to a reader tip sent to Siliconera, the NDS Adaptor Plus is a little USB device which allows you to back up and manage your DS and 3DS saves via a PC. It also allows save deletion. Personally, I don't have a huge problem with perma-saves on a score-attack game like Mercenaries 3D, as if anything, having a boatload of high scores already on a second-hand cartridge just gives you extra impetus to thrash away all the hard work of the previous owner, allowing you to declare victory over his trifling efforts on his very own cartridge. Or perhaps I'm just vindictive. Either way though, if you want to get rid of save files, this thing might work."

Source: GamesRadar

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How did i miss this on GR? I check it every day.



It's still cheaper to boycott this game until Capcom sorts their act out.

Regardless, good find, thanks for the news!


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