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To me this game is a blatant rip off of Super Mario Kart. Many of the power-ups even resemble those used in the game. I wonder where Nintendo lies on infringement? Watch the gameplay trailer here: and let me know what you think? The game is set to release on December 11th.



UGH! This will probably do better than Mario Kart because gullible Angry Turd lovers. (angryhippo)

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so over it.... i didnt even know what the attraction was in the first place...



I experienced motion sickness watching that trailer, and nothing makes me motion sick. Considering the extreme "quality" of Angry Birds games though, I expect this to be a rather successful game, even if it looks, looks to play, and is in all likelihood, going to be mediocre. No doubt the conformists will snap this thing up in a heartbeat, if only for the branding. Good job Rovio, keep lining your pockets with your brands. Hopefully when Angry Birds falls off its undeserved pedestal, Rovio will have enough money to survive. Financial losses would hopefully smack that smug grin off their faces and they'd spend some time making an actual quality game.

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Not sure why everyone is hating on this, I think it looks pretty cool. The graphics are stunning for a mobile game, and the gameplay looks alright. I really wasn't a fan of the original games, so I'm glad they're moving on to something a lot cooler. Not sure how the controls will fair with a touchscreen though, and there will probably be loads of micro transactions shoved in :



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