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Nintendo managed to end up on the BBC consumer rights programme Watchdog. It regarded the 3DS and how people have felt sick after use. Quite funny really. If you havn't seen it go on iplayer and watch it. It is about 49min into the programme.

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Seems they were just quoting from The Sun's ill-researched article on the subject. It's pretty sad that Nintendo feel they have to stick all sorts of health warnings everywhere in the first place. It's made worse when people then ignore these warnings and complain anyway.

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iplayer? What?

And this whole paranoia about the 3DS m,aking you sick is just plain stupid. I bet people are actually believing they're sick just because they heard people get sick, you know what I mean? There's a word for people like that. Hypochondraic.
People aren't really getting sick but since they're terribfied they will be sick, the get hypochondric symptoms.

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Could you post a link please? I can't find it...


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Search for "watchdog" or "complete ****" it should turn up.

Of course, if you are outside the UK, this all may not work...

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UK residents only - the rest of you will have to see if someone uploads it to Youtube or something. Regardless, it seems legitimate enough. We knew way back from when it was announced (and indeed with the first wave of current-gen 3D movies) that it could cause motion-sickness-like symptoms in a small percentage of users. Which is what both Watchdog and Nintendo have stated repeatedly, so I don't understand the hate. The Sun blew it enormously out of proportion, sure, but this isn't The Sun.
3DS can cause headaches in some users. We know this. It's in the H&S booklet that comes with the console, hence the lack of refund. I do however believe Nintendo could advertise that fact a little better, a warning to consumers at point of sale wouldn't go amiss. I seriously hope I'm not the only one on this forum who doesn't feel the need to blow a fuse everytime someone even vaguely down-talks Mein Fuhrer Nintendo.


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you`ll probably find that most people reporting the headaches are playing the 3DS for a good gew hours staight with the 3D turned full on.
i remember reading through the manuals of my nes when i got it for christmas as a kid, there were warnings not to play it for too long, because of eye strain.
besides, the madia always like to blow this kind of thing way out of proportion. and the sun newspaper are known for being the biggest scare mongers. espcially when they know they have the largest amount of daily readers.

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