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Expecting Backwards compatibility 12 100 DefHalan 1 hour ago by DefHalan
chibi robo zip lash destination wheel 1 47 VoltageX 5 hours ago by Detective_TeeJay
The rule against, religious and political discussion? 8 170 R-L-A-George 4 hours ago by R-L-A-George
Steamworld dig Short game for its pricetag? 1 65 Trozzul 10 hours ago by Waluigi
Searching for a Go game 8 121 Rei 9 hours ago by Ichi
How can Nintendo market their games on Mobile? 4 91 Socar 10 hours ago by Morpheel
Theory, NX's gimmick is customization 1 78 TheMisterManGuy 13 hours ago by Waluigi
What is your favourite Wii game to play on your Wii U? 7 139 undisocvered7 5 hours ago by renaryuugufan92
You can vote for which character gets a Nendoroid figure next! 8 105 Retro_on_theGo 6 hours ago by xPH03N1Xx86
"You have no suspended software" what does that mean on the Wii U? 2 105 undisocvered7 9 hours ago by Aozz says nintendo nx should be releasing this year? 0 62 undisocvered7 15 hours ago by undisocvered7
Playing the original Megami Tensei 0 70 KingMike 1 day ago by KingMike
Should Nintendo introduce a new design language? 2 127 TheMisterManGuy 21 hours ago by Therad
What's the First Video Game you have ever Play?

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35 377 Aozz 13 hours ago by BearClaus
Platinum Games 10 year anniversary sale? 3 140 hawker198826 20 hours ago by arronishere
MORE 3DS and Wii U games? as Kimishima confimed it. 1 117 Aozz 2 days ago by Mister_Wu
Ideas for Zelda Wii U 4 165 lighteningbolt79 2 days ago by TingLz
Do you preferred getting content off of Amiibo? or Not. 10 292 Aozz 20 hours ago by Socar
Wii u screen image bigger than tv screen.. 4 161 radagasttt 2 days ago by Waluigi
How do I download DLC Pack 2 for mario kart 8 on the wii u deluxe mario kart 8 bundle? 3 143 aero888 2 days ago by Octane
My girlfriend likes playroom on ps4, is there stuff similar to that on wii u? 0 122 aero888 2 days ago by aero888
Hearthstone for NX (portable) 7 213 iKhan 2 hours ago by DefHalan
Help! When I see the wii u menu on my TV SCREEN, and I push the analog stick or 4 167 aero888 2 days ago by Octane
UK. squid amiibo is £5.99 at argos 0 85 dazzleshell 3 days ago by dazzleshell
Accidentally bought both versions of Fire Emblem fates 2 187 Neeeko 3 days ago by Neeeko