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Download issue 2 532 Oniinside Thu 27th Jun 2013 by Oniinside
Help me find the hidden luigis! (Super Luigi U) 3 719 Smitherenez Wed 26th Jun 2013 by Smitherenez
Animal Crossing New Leaf Forced Software Shutdown. 2 820 DarkLloyd Wed 26th Jun 2013 by DarkLloyd
How do you have an animation for your icon picture thing? 4 681 icymario Tue 25th Jun 2013 by Varia01
LOCKED. 10 844 The770zone Mon 24th Jun 2013 by theblackdragon
WarioWare Twisted Battery replacement? 3 830 Shambo Mon 24th Jun 2013 by Shambo
Mario Kart 7 keeps giving me cannot connect, when I've connected just days before. 1 376 Tryken Fri 21st Jun 2013 by baba_944
Do the credit card's and the Wii U's country have to match up to buy something? 0 304 shinohappymeal Thu 20th Jun 2013 by shinohappymeal
How do you paste a picture from the internet on your icon? 6 385 icymario Thu 20th Jun 2013 by Bulbousaur
How do you post a smiley face when replying? 8 652 3DSfan134 Thu 20th Jun 2013 by 3DSfan134
3DS XL "Sweet Spot" Problem 4 908 Millenia Tue 18th Jun 2013 by Millenia
N64 issue please help 6 408 N64Life Mon 17th Jun 2013 by Tasuki
Post problem 8 409 Varia01 Sun 16th Jun 2013 by TingLz
New Gamer 3 384 human_unicorn Sat 15th Jun 2013 by theblackdragon
Warioware Problem 2 554 human_unicorn Fri 14th Jun 2013 by human_unicorn
Wii U gamepad (ON/OFF) 1 336 sinanziric Thu 13th Jun 2013 by Geonjaha
What's happening with your RSS feed? 3 407 jarreboum Thu 13th Jun 2013 by antdickens
Is this "original" Wii Motion Plus 0 372 sinanziric Wed 12th Jun 2013 by sinanziric
Keep logging off 4 550 Undead_terror Tue 11th Jun 2013 by Drawdler
NINTENDO DIRECT issue 2 449 baba_944 Mon 10th Jun 2013 by baba_944
PS1 Games Are Very Pixelated On PS2 Even With A CRT 4 667 SomeBitTripFan Mon 10th Jun 2013 by SomeBitTripFan
Voltage issue with 3DS 4 1,001 DBGT-87 Mon 10th Jun 2013 by LasermasterA
Minecraft need plot world server with tnt explosions allowed (i know its not Nintendo but it is a problem 2 1,591 SebaJK7 Sun 9th Jun 2013 by Raylax
Can someone help me with this? 5 680 robchampa Fri 7th Jun 2013 by robchampa
Currently unable to comment! 8 646 LasermasterA Thu 6th Jun 2013 by theblackdragon