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my N64 controller lost plug... 3 513 GuSolarFlare Sun 18th Aug 2013 by GuSolarFlare
Mozilla Firefox freezing. 10 1,518 Megumi Sun 18th Aug 2013 by Megumi
My gamecube controller cord is teared! 4 610 icymario Sun 18th Aug 2013 by Cyberbotv2
Nintendo Tvii help 4 739 Cyberbotv2 Sun 18th Aug 2013 by Cyberbotv2
What is this Nintendo song called? 8 670 Miss_Dark Sat 17th Aug 2013 by DePapier
Club Nintendo Code 1 866 baba_944 Sat 17th Aug 2013 by Klimbatize
Help! SD card got stuck in 3ds! 1 1,170 rareroblox1234 Wed 14th Aug 2013 by LztheQuack
How to turn the Wii U gamepad off when you are using another controller for a game? 17 54,477 HawkeyeWii Wed 14th Aug 2013 by banacheck
Help on using the forums 1 320 3dsgamer1 Wed 14th Aug 2013 by Tasuki
Bumpie's party on australian eshop (or lack thereof) 0 398 shaneoh Sat 10th Aug 2013 by shaneoh
Earthbound Frozen on Wii U 5 3,189 Fingeldor Thu 8th Aug 2013 by Happy_Mask
Wii U blinking blue light of death? 9 18,079 Despair1087 Wed 7th Aug 2013 by Despair1087
Live Chat in the Nintendo Direct? 4 402 SmaMan Wed 7th Aug 2013 by MAB
What happened to my 3DS Wireless?? 4 1,151 PokeShadow77 Tue 6th Aug 2013 by LztheQuack
Nintendo Video Feedback. 3 382 sageyheart Mon 5th Aug 2013 by sageyheart
DS Lite WiFi Problems 9 620 TylerBH Sun 4th Aug 2013 by TylerBH
Static noise on 3ds when 3d effect is on, please help 1 506 PhoenixUltra Fri 2nd Aug 2013 by sageyheart
Are there any available Kid Icarus:Uprising clans? 16 847 TylerBH Tue 30th Jul 2013 by TylerBH
Do you get your points back if you delete a game from the eShop? 7 4,521 nindenpamen Sun 28th Jul 2013 by LztheQuack
Any Rock band users on the Wii U? 0 522 Suze65 Thu 25th Jul 2013 by Suze65
Wii U GamePad scratch problem 1 708 Beanoz4 Wed 24th Jul 2013 by Tasuki
My PS1 is showing a white screen. 7 776 Electricmastro Wed 24th Jul 2013 by Tasuki
HELP my 3ds is acting up 2 563 Big_Boy_Chubs Tue 23rd Jul 2013 by LztheQuack
Need help with 3DS XL Charger Port Issue 2 1,138 scottkoeth Mon 22nd Jul 2013 by TOMBOY25
Japanese learning software? 3 798 yojo Sun 21st Jul 2013 by Miss_Dark