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Problems with TV signal when Wiiu is turned off 1 439 casst006 Wed 23rd July, 2014 by alLabouTandroiD
Nintendo life error 10 491 MegaBeedrill Sun 20th July, 2014 by BearHunger
No Nintendo Club pin? 1 602 Pillowfish Thu 17th July, 2014 by TingLz
Problems w/ MK8 connecting - will changing region settings help? 1 563 jimaroonie Sun 13th July, 2014 by jimaroonie
Shin Megami Tensei IV e shop troubles 7 428 daiker Sat 12th July, 2014 by MorphMarron
3DS XL SD Card (Toshiba 4GB SDHC) will not read on PC 3 606 themaster402 Mon 7th July, 2014 by themaster402
getting Nintendo products fixed in Dubai. 0 522 Artwark Fri 4th July, 2014 by Artwark
Wii U Pro Controller problem (urgent) 5 1,243 Lafosse64 Tue 1st July, 2014 by FritzFrapp
So I Got My Wii U Back from repairs... 5 731 Cyndaquilfan123 Tue 1st July, 2014 by Cyndaquilfan123
Do you know of any trustable website(s) or store(s) that sells GamCube games? 10 779 Link506 Mon 30th June, 2014 by Fabaroo
A Cliking Sound of The Plastic Of the Gamepad 1 439 ThomasACDC Sat 28th June, 2014 by ThomasACDC
animated icons 5 482 The_Ninja Sat 28th June, 2014 by antdickens
Problems commenting with cell phone 3 622 yokokazuo Tue 24th June, 2014 by yokokazuo
Jak was bein men to me on minkraft

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28 1,721 Loganyy Mon 23rd June, 2014 by theblackdragon
Game Boy Advance Needs Fixing: Impacted Shoulder Button 0 667 destroyah5000 Sat 21st June, 2014 by destroyah5000
Power cut problems. 8 738 Artwark Thu 19th June, 2014 by sinalefa
Wii u external hard drive problems 2 691 VodkaPlease Mon 16th June, 2014 by MAB
Hyrule Historia 3 556 Nik-Davies Sun 15th June, 2014 by CaviarMeths
Load struggle? 1 473 art_kevinc Sun 15th June, 2014 by justlink
*Urgent Help needed please: How to solve Nintendo Wii error code 209600* 1 1,151 James1993 Fri 13th June, 2014 by Tasuki
Gamepad Glitch? 4 543 Zapkido Thu 12th June, 2014 by Zapkido
Issue with transferring from my Wii to my WiiU 8 508 HunkyDunk Wed 11th June, 2014 by gamr4life
Ways to watch the E3 recording without seeing spoilers first? 1 471 SanjiTehCook Mon 9th June, 2014 by Peach64
Wii u eshop game codes from US work in UK? 2 812 firebird3334 Mon 9th June, 2014 by firebird3334
how secured is the 3DS XL's motherboard? 2 681 Artwark Sat 7th June, 2014 by Veloster