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You know how YouTube allows you to copy a bit of code to embed your videos, right? Well, many people do that on the NL forums. However whenever I try that myself it doesn't work at all and it just shows the code instead of the YouTube clip itself.

Is there a tag I need to wrap around the code or something? simply copying and pasting the code doesn't seem to be supported by NL. How does everyone do this?

Please help.

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[ youtube:tag ]

without the spaces, where "tag" is the final letters in the youtube URL, ie ilO5vE4NL.



Yep, like pixel says you only need the end. The url should be something like:

you m/watch?v=abc123 (without the spaces I put in, of course).

You only need what follows the v= and to insert it like has been shown.

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OK thanks, guys I couldn't find it out. Gonna try that.

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