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Topic: Will this work with a 3DS?

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So....first post and not sure if it really goes here but I'll give it a shot.

It's a simple question really, I have a DS Lite and had it for all of my DS games but now since DS Lite games are beginning to halt development I want to get a 3DS, here's the thing.

I have a WPA2 security and I know it wont work with DS Lite and saw some other places that WPA2 would work with 3DS, but just to be safe mine says, when I directly look at the security type, it says WPA2-Personal that personal part throws me off and I usual like everything to match up black and white (and my knowledge with computers are little to none), so will WPA2-Personal work with the 3DS' online capability?




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I know that WPA works and WPA2 might work. I can tell you that WPA will still not work with DS games.

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